To create a review process for messages.

Background Information​

A moderation process for emails requires different configurations:

  • ​Roles:​ A role that is assigned to the author that lacks the right to send messages.

  • ​Approvers list:​ A list of approvers who are allowed to review the message.

  • ​Group configuration:​ A group setting that assigns the approvers list. If an author lacks permission to send the email, Mapp Engage contacts the approvers list.

Mapp Engage sends the following system messages in the moderation process. You can adjust the system messages to fit your specific layout.

  • ​SysMsgMessageModerate​ informs the approvers about the email that must be approved.

    • The placeholder <%mailto-0%> inserts a link to approve the message.

    • The placeholder <%mailto-1%> inserts a link to reject the message.

  • ​SysMsgMessageRejected​ informs the author that an approver rejected the message.


The role of the user who sets up the moderation process requires the following permissions.

Permissions to Change Group Configurations

  • ​Group Administration: Edit Group Settings 402​

  • ​Group Administration: View Group 404​

Permissions to Add System Users to Approval List

  • ​System Administration: View All System Users 2001​ or ​ System Administration: View and Edit All System Users 2000​

Permissions to Use and Manage the Approvers List

  • ​Approvers List: Use 2309​

  • ​Approvers List: Create 2310​

  • ​ Approvers List: Edit 2311​

  • ​Approvers List: Delete 2312​


Create an Author Role

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click ​User Management​ > ​Permissions > Group (General)​.
  2. Remove the ​Messaging: Send Email Messages 601​ permission from the role that you assign to your authors.


    Manage your authors and approvers outside of the group. If your authors and approvers are group members, the setup of the moderation process is complicated and hard to track.

    You can define the role of your authors in three tabs. Which tab you use depends on your Mapp Engage process.

    • ​Group (General):​ If authors are members of the group, you can remove the sendout permission here. A sendout is not possible as long as the authors are members of the groups.

    • ​Group (Specific).​ Defines the role of the authors for one dedicated group. If authors are members of this group, you can remove the sendout permission here. A sendout is not possible, in this group, as long as the authors are members of the group.

    • ​Group (Override):​ If authors are not members of a group, you can remove the sendout permission here. System users with the author role cannot send any email as long as you do not add them as members.

Create an Approvers List

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click ​User Management​ > ​System Users​ > System Users
  2. Click ​Approvals Lists​.
    ⇒ The​ Approvers Lists​ overview window opens.
  3. Click ​Create​.
    ⇒ The ​ Approvers List​ window opens.
  4. In the ​Name​ input field, enter a name for the list of approvers.
  5. Click ​Add​.
    ⇒ The ​Approvers​ search window opens.
  6. To locate system users, enter search criteria, and click ​Search​.
    ⇒ Mapp Engage displays the system users who match your search criteria.
  7. To select a system user, activate the checkbox next to the system user and click ​Select​.
    ⇒ Mapp Engage adds the selected system user to the new approvers list.
  8. To create the approvers list, click ​Save​.
    ⇒ The new approvers list is added to the system and appears on the ​Approvers Lists​ overview window.

Assign an Approvers List to a Group

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click ​Audience > Groups​.
    ⇒ The ​Groups​ overview window opens.
  2. In the ​Actions​ column of the desired group, click ​Edit​, to configure the group settings.
    ⇒ The ​General Settings​ window opens.
  3. Click ​Sendout Options​.
    ⇒ The ​ Sendout Options​ window opens.
  4. From the ​Message Moderation​ drop-down list, select an approvers list to moderate messages for the group.
  5. Click ​Save​.
    ⇒ Mapp Engage assigns the approvers list to the selected group. Each system user on the list can approve messages for this group. To schedule a message for sendout in the group, a system user needs the permission ​Messaging: Schedule Message Sendout 618​. If the system user, who schedules the message sendout, lacks permission ​Messaging: Send Email Messages 601​, one of the system users on the approvers list must approve the message before sendout.