To copy the settings of a coupon list. The coupons from the original coupon list are not copied. The owner of the new coupon list is automatically the user who creates the copy.


The Coupon Manager is a billable feature that must be activated for your system. To activate the coupon manager, contact your customer service representative.

Background Information​

In Engage, coupons are managed in coupon lists. To ensure well-organized coupon management, each coupon list should only contain one type of coupon (for example, free shipping or 25% discount).

Additional coupons can be added to a list even if the coupon list already contains coupons. Coupons are created in a shop or CRM system as a TXT or CSV file and uploaded to Engage (see ​Import Coupons Into a Coupon List​). The system that creates the coupon regulates the valid use of the coupon during the purchase or order process.

Engage administers the distribution of coupons to the message recipients (see ​Add Coupons to a Message​). A coupon can only be sent one time to one recipient. If the placeholder for a coupon list is inserted multiple times in the same message, the same coupon code is displayed to the recipient in each location. If several different coupons need to be included in a message, the coupons must be inserted from multiple lists.


  1. In the ​Main Navigation, click ​Content Management​ > ​Coupon Manager.
    The ​Coupon Lists Overview​ window opens.
  2. Next to the coupon list that should be edited, click  > ​Copy .
    ⇒ The ​Create New Coupon List window opens.
  3. Enter or edit the description as desired.
  4. In the ​Insufficient Number of Coupons area, activate an option to define what happens when there are insufficient coupons available in the list.

    • Activate ​Display Alternative Text to replace the coupon with text and continue sendout when there are no more coupons available.
      The window adjusts to display a mandatory input field for the alternative text.
      Enter or edit text in the ​Alternative Text​ input field. The maximum length is 200 characters.

    • Activate ​Pause Sendout​ to stop the sendout when there are no more coupons available. Sendout of the paused message can be resumed once additional coupons are uploaded to the list (see ​Resume Sendout of a Coupon Message​).

  5. In the optional ​Preview Text input field, enter or edit text that replaces the actual coupon in messages to test recipients and in messages used as previews. Actual coupons from the coupon list are never used for test and preview messages.
    If no preview text is entered, default text is automatically generated from the name of the list.
    The maximum length for the preview text is 200 characters.

  6. In the ​Remind Owner​ area, specify whether or not an optional reminder notification is generated when a predefined number of coupons remain in the coupon list.
    Activate the ​No checkbox if you do not want to send notification messages about the number of coupons which remain in a list.
    Activate the ​Yes checkbox if you want to send a reminder to the owner of the coupon list when the remaining number of coupons codes reaches a predefined number.
    ⇒ If the ​Yes checkbox is activated, two input fields for configuring the reminder open:
    In the ​Send reminder when drop-down list, select the number of coupons that, when reached, triggers sendout of the reminder.
    To send a reminder to someone in addition to the owner, enter their email address in the optional ​Send Additional Reminder to input field. The email address must exist in the Engage system. Click  to search for a user.

  7. Click the ​Save​ button.
    The copied coupon list is created and displayed in the ​Coupon List Overview​ window.
    The list is empty and can be filled with coupons. The owner of the new list is automatically the user who creates the copy.
    To upload coupons to the list, see ​Import Coupons Into a Coupon List​.