Conversion tracking is a measurement feature that shows how your email campaigns are increasing website traffic and sales. Information about the message recipient is transmitted to your website or shop system and then back to Engage. The message ID, user ID, and purchase details for each transaction are transmitted between Engage and the external system.

Some email recipients don't allow cookies in their browsers, which makes it impossible to use cookies for conversion tracking. For these recipients, you can use cookieless tracking as described below. However, please note that you cannot gather as much information this way. It is not possible to trace interrupted shopping sessions using this method.

How it Works​

  1. Information about the recipient and the message (User ID or User Email and Message ID) are embedded in the links of a message.
  2. When a recipient clicks on the link, this information is transmitted to the shop system.
    This information must remain saved within the shop system during the entire shopping session. If the session is interrupted, it can no longer be tracked. The shopping system, therefore, needs to be adapted to store information during the shopping system.
  3. The recipient completes a purchase. The confirmation page of the shop contains the conversion tracking pixel that includes User ID/User Email, Message ID, and purchase details. Engage obtains this information.
  4. The conversion tracking results can be filtered and exported in the Export Conversion Tracking Statistics window (see ​Export Conversion Tracking Statistics).

Setting up Cookieless Conversion Tracking​

Cookieless conversion tracking requires the following steps:

  1. Create a tracking pixel in the ​Conversion Tracking Overview window (see Create a Tracking Pixel​).
  2. Using information from your shop merchant, adapt the tracking pixel to your shop system (see Adapt a Conversion Tracking Pixel​ ). Your shop merchant must add the tracking pixel to the confirmation page in your online shop system.
  3. Add the Message ID and User ID or User Email to the message links (see Add Message ID and User ID to Links (cookieless conversion tracking)​).
  4. Activate Conversion Tracking for the messages you want to be tracked (see Activate Conversion Tracking for Messages​).