A control address is a contact in Mapp Engage that receives copies of messages Mapp Engage sends. These are copies of messages that are sent to specific groups, or a copy of every message sent by your Mapp Engage system.

Please note that if there is no sendout due to the message segment having no recipients, the control users will also not receive the message. If there is at least one recipient, control users will be added.

You can set any contact as a control address. The contact does not need to have a system user account in Mapp Engage. A message sent to a control address is personalized according to the values set in the contact profile. You can use a contact as a control address for email, SMS, or both channels.


You send a weekly newsletter to all subscribers. Subscribers who have made a recent purchase see an extra paragraph that contains a special offer.

You set up a special email inbox to archive a copy of each message that includes an offer. You create a contact profile with this email address in Mapp Engage and set the contact as a control address. You enter the value in the contact profile for this control address that inserts the special offer in the personalized message. Every time that you send your newsletter, a copy of the personalized message that contains the special offer is sent to the control address.

You can also set up a second control address that does not contain the value that is used for the personalization. This control address would receive a version of the message that does not contain the special offer.


  • Designate a single address that receives a copy of every message that your Mapp Engage system sends.

  • Create separate control addresses that receive copies of personalized messages. Use each address as an archive to store messages that are personalized for specific profile attributes or target groups.

  • Track message statistics without recording sendout to a control address.

  • Control addresses are never deactivated.


  • System users can only designate one contact as a control address at a time. To set a list of contacts as control addresses, contact your customer representative.

  • Control addresses do not receive single messages.

  • You can have a maximum of 2000 control addresses per system.

Control Addresses and Test Recipients​

A control address works differently from a test recipient. For more information, see ​Send Test Message to Test Recipients.

The following table summarizes the differences:

Control Address

Test Recipients

Receives a message sent during the final sendout.

Receives a preview of messages before the final sendout is initiated.

Used to archive a copy of a personalized message.

Used for quality check before sendout.

Set for specific groups or system-wide.

Set for specific groups.

Excluded from message statistics.

Included in message statistics.


​Set Contact as Control Address