Navigation Path​

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click ​Create​ New > ​Message​
    Step 1. ​Type​ opens.
  2. Enter message information and select ​Email​ from the ​Type​ drop-down list.
  3. Click ​Create .
    Step 2. ​Content​ opens.
  4. Enter your subject line and content, then click ​Prepare Sendout​ .
    Step 3. ​Configuration​ opens.


In this step, you define the settings for your email sendout.

What can I do in this step?

  • Select a sendout group.

    If you have configured Group within Email Message or Template, the same Group is displayed in the Configuration sendout. However, you can change it in this step. For more information, see the Define Email Message Information section on the Create a New Email Message​ page.
  • Select a sender profile.

  • View the email channel configuration in which your message is sent.

  • Select to send to the group or to save as a prepared message.

  • Apply a selection to limit the recipients of the message.

  • Decide whether to send the message immediately, or schedule the message to be sent later.

  • Select message preprocessing.

  • Define your sendout size.

  • Select HTML or text or both as the message format.

  • Select a message category.

  • Enter a selection expression to create a selection for either related data or attribute data.

  • Activate the Inbox Monitoring test.

The group settings also affect message sendout and delivery. For more information, see Sendout Options (tab)​.




​Message Name​

Shows the message name that is entered in step 1. ​Type​ of the message creation process. The message name identifies the message within your system and is not visible to the recipient.

​ Group​

Defines the group to which you send the message. In Mapp Engage, messages are always sent to a group. Select your sendout group from the ​Group​ drop-down list. To search for a group, click the  symbol.

SuperGroups are marked with an ​(S)​.

Sender Profile

Defines the sender profile that you want to apply to the message sendout. Sender profiles set the level of security that is applied to the email message. Select the appropriate sender profile from the ​Sender Profile​ drop-down list. See Create Sender Profiles​ and Custom email security settings.


Defines the channel configuration in which Mapp Engage sends you message. The email channel is defined as part of your system setup.


Defines whether the message is sent to a group or saved as a prepared message.

  • ​Send to Group:​ Sends the message to the members of the group. To limit which contacts in the group receive the message, apply a selection.

  • ​Save as Prepared Message:​ Saves the message as a prepared message. This option lets you use the message for future sendouts. You can send the same prepared message many times and update the content as desired. Prepared messages are frequently used in automations. For example, transactional messages and birthday greetings. To access an overview of all draft messages on your system, click ​Messages​ | ​Prepared Messages​.

    • ​Create System Message Template:​ Saves a copy of the message as a template for a system message. This option is only available when ​Save as Prepared Message​ is selected.
      You can use the system-message template when you create or edit system messages. For more information, see Use Template for System Message​. Mapp Engage also saves the message as a normal prepared message.


Applies a selection to the sendout. A selection is a filter that defines a subset of contacts. This subset is based on criteria that you define. Selections enable you to send targeted messages to a specific audience.

Select a selection from the drop-down list. To search for a selection, click the symbol.

​Message Transport​

Defines when Mapp Engage starts the message sendout process.

  • Immediately:​ Starts the message sendout process when you click ​Send Message​ in step 4. ​Summary​ of the message creation process.

  • Schedule:​ Starts the message sendout process at a scheduled date and time when you click ​Schedule Message​ in step 4. ​Summary​ of the message creation process. To schedule the sendout, click the calendar symbol.
    You can define the sendout time for group messages in the group settings. If the start time defined here conflicts with the group settings, Mapp Engage delays the sendout until the start time defined in the settings. For more information, see Sendout Options (tab)​.

    The ​Message Preprocessing:​ option defines whether any preprocessing is performed before the scheduled email is sent. The default setting is ​No​.

Sendout with Message Preprocessing​

Message preprocessing is an extra feature that is designed for customers who want to speed up their email sendouts. With this feature, Mapp Engage prepares your emails for sendout up to several hours before sendout. Mapp Engage creates complex personalizations and runs selection criteria before sendout. Because these time-consuming processes are completed in advance, the actual sendout process is much faster. For more information, see Message Processing vs. Message Transport​.

If you have this feature, you can decide whether you want to separate message processing and message transport. Message processing can be scheduled up to a maximum of 72 hours before message transport. If you lack this feature, you do not see these additional options.



Message Preprocessing​

This entry defines whether message processing takes place before message transport.

  • No:​ The message is not processed before message transport.

  • Yes:​ The message is processed before message transport. You can schedule the message processing time in the input field or with the calendar symbol.

Send to a SuperGroup​

If you select a SuperGroup in the ​Group​ drop-down list, an additional check box appears in the window. This setting defines how Mapp Engage sends the message.

For more information, see SuperGroup: Introduction​.



​Send the Message to All Subgroups

Controls whether Mapp Engage sends the message to the subgroups (as a SuperMessage) or to the SuperGroup itself (as a normal message).

  • When selected, Mapp Engage sends the message to the members of all subgroups. Mapp Engage does not send the message to the members of the SuperGroup itself.

  • When not selected, Mapp Engage sends the message to the members of the SuperGroup. Mapp Engage does not send the message to the members of the subgroups.

Advanced Options​



​Sendout Size​

Use these options to limit the sendout to a smaller portion of the group. The members are selected at random.

  • ​All Group Members:​ Sends the message to all active members of the selected group.

  • ​Percent of Members:​ Opens a field to define the percentage of group members who receive the message. If the percent is less than 100, the members are selected at random.

  • ​Number of Members:​ Opens a field to define the absolute number of group members who receive the message. The members are selected at random.


Defines which formats of the email Mapp Engage sends.

​Message Category​

Defines a message category for the message. Message categories help you evaluate the success of multiple messages in multiple groups. You can also use message categories in selections and automations. For more information, see Message Categories​.

​Selection Expression​

Defines a selection with expression language (EL). Mapp Engage applies this filter to your sendout. Use this type of selection to select contacts according to values that are stored in Related Data.

For more information, see .

​Inbox Monitoring Test​

Defines whether to apply inbox monitoring to the message before sendout. This feature is a fee-based feature. For more information on this feature and the applicable fees, contact your account manager.

The results of the inbox monitoring test can be seen in the delivery performance window.

For more information, see Inbox Monitoring Summary (tab)​.

Actions ​



​Send Message to Test Recipients​

Sends the message to all contacts who are designated as test recipients in the selected group.

​Edit Message​

Opens step 2. ​Content​ of the message creation wizard. If you click this option, your sendout settings are lost.


Opens the​ Message Preview​ window. This window offers you several ways to preview and test your message before sendout.

For more information, see Email Message Preview (window)​

​Check Message​

Opens step 4. ​Summary​ of the message creation wizard. Here you can review your message content and sendout settings before the final sendout.