1. Go to Create New > Message > Web Push Notification.
  2. Give the notification a unique name. The description is optional.

    Neither the name, nor the description are visible to your contacts.

  3. Choose the desired website channel you previously created.

  4. Content:
    Enter a title and the body of the message that you want to send. Both can be personalized by adding recipient-specific content to the notification during the sendout.

  5. Icons:
    Add an icon to your web push notification to make it more appealing. You can upload them, or select from the Content Store.

  6. Message Action:
    Enter the name of the website you want to open when your contact interacts with the web push notification.

  7. Delivery trigger:
    You can trigger the delivery of your web push notification by time: either immediately, or at a specific date and time. For the second option, you can select a specific delivery date, delivery time, and an appropriate time zone.

  8. Target Audience:
    Choose whether you want to send the message to all of the opt-in users, or just to a specific selection. For the second option, you can choose among previously created selections.

  9. Summary:
    Gives you an overview of all of the previous steps.