You can write complex personalizations as code directly in the Code mode of the Personalization Builder.

The code editor is only recommended for system users with at least a basic knowledge of expression language and with some experience in query creation.

Navigation Path​

Audience > Segmentation > Personalization


General Information

  • Some InsertIf/InsertElse rules can only be created directly in the code. These advanced functions are not available in the graphical mode (see ​Mapp Engage Functions​).
  • Existing personalizations can be inserted directly as code and can be saved for reuse in Mapp Engage.
  • The personalization rule is created in the text field. Use the ​Preview ​ to validate the rule (see ​Preview Personalization ).
  • When a new personalization is created in the ​Personalization Builder , a first ​ InsertIf ​ block is automatically created in the editor. This ​ InsertIf ​ block has no content.
  • It is possible to switch from the code view back into the graphical interface as long as the rules you manually enter are identical to the rules that are automatically created in the graphical interface.

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