Navigation Path​

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click ​Messages​ > ​Draft Messages​ > Email .
    ⇒ The ​Draft Messages​ window opens to the ​Email​ tab.
  2. Select two or more messages for the split sendout with the checkboxes at the end of the row.
  3. Click ​Split Sendout​ (at the bottom of the window).
    ⇒ The ​Split Sendout​ window opens to step  ​1. Split Sendout Settings​.
  4. Enter settings for the split sendout.
  5. Click ​Check Split Sendout​.
    Step  ​2. Split Sendout Summary​ opens.

Related Topics​


The ​Check Split Messages​ window provides a preview of all message variations in the split sendout. A split sendout sends multiple versions of a draft email message to portions of your total recipient list to identify the best-performing version.



​Split message​

Selects the variation that is displayed in the preview window.

​Update Preview​

Refreshes the window to display the settings of the split sendout that is chosen in the ​Variations​ drop-down list.

​Message Category​

Shows the message category of the message. Message categories are assigned in the message settings or group settings. When message variations have different message categories, the message category of the highest-performing message is used for the main sendout For more information, see Message Categories​.


Shows the group that is used for the split sendout and the number of recipients in the group. This number does not reflect whether recipients in the group are deactivated or included on a blacklist or Robinson list.


Shows the selection that is applied to limit the recipients of the group. If the main sendout is started, it is only sent to recipients included in the selection.

​% / No. of Group Members​

Shows the percent or number of group members to whom Mapp Engage sends the selected message variations.

​Sender Address​

Shows the address that Mapp Engage uses for the sendout. This address appears in the inbox of the message recipient. The sender address is defined in the group settings. For more information, see Reply Handling (tab)​.

​Reply Address​

Shows the address to which replies to the message are sent. The reply address is set in the group settings. For more information, see Reply Handling (tab)​.


Shows attachments to the message. An attachment can be added to a draft email during message creation. For more information, see Add an Attachment to a Message​.


Shows the subject of the message as it appears in the inbox of the message recipient.


Shows the date and time when the split message is scheduled for sendout.

Available Actions​



​Prepare Sendout​

Opens the ​Split Sendout Settings​ window.

​Schedule Message​

Schedules the split message sendout. The actual sendout takes place at the selected date and time.