On these pages, you can create and edit channels to help organize communications with your customers. On each page, you have the option to go to the next or previous page, simply select the relevant button in the bottom right-hand corner. 


On this page, you add the basic information for the channel. The required information varies based on the channel type. A Name and Description are required for all channels. Mobile Messaging, Instant Messaging, and Direct Mail all additionally require a provider, while Mobile Applications require a platform.

Channel RequiredOptions
Mobile ApplicationPlatformiOS
Mobile Messaging


Instant MessagingProviderTWILIO_WHATSAPP
Direct MailProviderOPTILYZ


Now you can configure the Channel you have created. The information you need to provide here also vary based on the chosen channel.

ChannelField Description
Mobile Applications (Android- FCM, iOS - App Store id and Bundle id), CredentialsYou need to provide a key here.
Mobile ApplicationsEnvironmentYou need to select whether the channel is in production or development.
Mobile ApplicationsSoundsSelect if there is a sound name for this channel.
Mobile ApplicationsButtonsHere you can configure localized button sets. These allow you to translate buttons for notifications sent to your customers. Please see below for instructions on how to create localized buttons.
Mobile ApplicationsFeaturesSelect if this channel uses InApp Messaging and/or Push Notifications.
SMSSMS-MTSelect this if the message is mobile originated.
SMSSMS-MOSelect this if the message is mobile terminated.
Instant MessagingChannel InformationYou need to provide the account SID and Auth Token to create the channel.
Direct MailChannel InformationYour API key is required to configure the Optilyz Channel.
WebsitesInformationAdd a name and the description of your website channel.
WebsitesCredentialsProvide mandatory FCM API Key.

Certificate (Mobile Application - iOS only)

If you are creating an iOS-based Mobile Application channel, you need to upload your certificate and enter the relevant password. 


This page provides a summary of all the information you have provided in the previous screens. If the information is complete and correct, you may Activate the channel. If you are missing some information or need to work on something else, you can save and close the Channel Creation at any point in the process, using the buttons in the upper right-hand corner. 

Create Localized Button Sets