To change the owner of a coupon list.


The Coupon Manager is a billable feature that must be activated for your system. To activate the coupon manager, contact your customer service representative.

Background Information​

It may be necessary for a user to assign their coupon list to another user by changing the owner. For example, if the Coupon Manager permission settings are configured so that a user can only view and edit their own coupon lists.


  1. In the ​Main Navigation​ , click ​Content Management​ > ​Coupon Manager​.
    ⇒ The ​Coupon Lists Overview​ window opens.
  2. Next to the coupon list that you want to edit, click  > ​Owner​.
    ⇒ The ​Change Owner​ window opens.
  3. Enter search criteria for the owner in the input fields.
    The selected input fields can be completely or partially filled in (3 character minimum). The following search criteria are available:

    • Last Name: Search by the last name of the user.

    • Address Type: Search by address type. Every user in the system has at least one address type. The following options are available:

      • Email: Search by email address. This option opens an input field in which the email address to be searched for is entered.

      • SMS: Search by mobile number. This option opens an input field in which the mobile phone number to be searched for is entered.

      • Fax: Search by fax number. This option opens an input field in which the fax number to be searched for is entered.

    • System Role: Search based on the system role of the user.
      For more information, see ​Group (General) (window)​.

    • Customer Identifier: Search by the identification number of the user. This ID is unique for each recipient in the system.

  4. Click ​Search​ to begin the search.
    ⇒ The results are displayed as a list.
  5. In the ​Actions​ column, click the  symbol to select a user from the list.
    ⇒ The selected name appears in the ​New Owner​ input field.
  6. Click ​Transfer Ownership​.
    ⇒ The ​Coupon List Overview​ opens. A system message with information about the transfer of ownership.