Transfer ownership of one or more groups.


The user who designates the new owner must have the right to change the profile of other system users.

Background Information​

Depending on the configuration of the group, the owner of the group has special rights. For example, the owner can receive automated notifications from the group. If the group owner leaves your company or changes position, you can assign a new group owner.


  1. In the Main Navigation, click User Management > System Users.
  2. Click > Group Roles.
    ⇒ The Group Roles window opens.
  3. Click the Ownerships tab.
    ⇒ The groups that the system user owns display.
  4. Select the groups.
  5. Click Change Owner.
    ⇒ The Change Owner window opens.
  6. In the New Owner area, click Search.
    ⇒ The System User Search window opens.
  7. To locate the desired system user, enter search criteria and click Search.
    ⇒ Click the plus symbol to select a system user from the search results.
  8. Click Change Owner.
    ⇒ The Status: Change Group Owner window opens.
    The Results column confirms the status of the transfer.