Calendar gives you a consolidated view of all email, SMS, and mobile push messages that you schedule or send. The calendar format provides a different perspective of your marketing activity. Check your calendar to see which messages are scheduled for sendout at what time of day. Use the calendar to plan your campaigns effectively and identify how frequently you interact with your contacts.

You can open a preview window and review the content of each message that is displayed on the calendar.


  • Visualize your campaign plan across multiple channels from a time-based perspective.

  • Plan when to prepare and send your messages.

  • Plan messages that align with activities in other channels

  • Preview message content to see which offers are scheduled for sendout.

  • Identify opportunities to schedule messages when they are more likely to get a response.

  • Filter the messages that the calendar displays to suit your needs.

  • Change or reschedule planned activities quickly and efficiently.

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