Best Sendout Time is a pre-calculated statistic that allows you to reach your contacts at the right time and boost engagement rates. This calculation is based on your contacts' opens and clicks. 


  • Machine Learning (ML) module enabled on your Mapp Engage account.
  • Best sendout time is an on-demand feature that needs to be activated. Contact your Customer Success or Account Manager for more information.


Best Sendout Time is available for:

  • Manual and split sendouts
  • Whitebaord sendouts and A/B tests within Whiteboards
  • Segmentation Builder (ML Attribute)

Calculation of the best sendout time

The ML module in Mapp Engage counts all opens and clicks done by your contacts in response to the communication from Mapp. Each click and each open is counted. Clicks carry a higher weight than opens, but this is subject to configuration.

Best Sendout Time is a 30–minute interval (e.g. 9:00-9:30)  in which the highest number of clicks and opens occurred.  The default data aggregation period is 12 months. 

For contacts whose best sendout time is not calculated, you have the possibility to set a specific time for the sendout, or to send the message at the defined default sendout time.


You run a campaign with fresh data that triggers a sendout every day. You want to ensure that both contacts with a calculated best sendout time, and those without receive the message.

For this scenario, Mapp Engage allows you to split the campaign depending on whether the best sendout time attribute is calculated or not (see ML attribute).

In the following example, the default sendout start is scheduled for midnight.

  1. Contacts with a calculated Best Sendout Time: The sendout will happen at the best sendout time calculated for this contact that occurs after the default sendout time, i.e. after midnight.
  2. Contacts without a calculated Best Sendout Time.
    Here, you have two options:

    1. Schedule sendout for a specific time, for example 9 am. The sendout will happen at the selected time.

    2. Do not specify the time. In this case, the sendout will happen at the default time, which is midnight.

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