A/B testing is a powerful tool to make the most out of your campaigns. Below are the top best practices for marketers to follow for optimal results.

A/B testing in Mapp's Whiteboard is also available for Push Messages!

One thing at a time

For meaningful results, only test one variable at a time. For example, test different subject lines or different content layout. Don't try to test multiple variables in one sendout.

Make a testing plan


MonthTests for Email channelTest for Mobile Push channel
Januarysubject line and pre-headeraction button                                              
Februaryemail blocks and hero bannerContent format (image or video)
Marchcall to action buttonsound
Aprilproduct pricing (show/hide/font size), etc. message text
Prioritize your testsIt’s not much use testing different call-to-action buttons if your open rates are low. Test the subject line first in this case!
Sample size

Ensure that the size of your test samples is sufficient. The more data points you get, the more reliable they are.

We recommend that you test the same element a number of times so you get more accurate and consistent test results.

Leverage existing dataUse existing statistics on Opens or Clicks to determine how many days should elapse before the main sendout. Make sure that enough time is allowed for the system to properly learn about recipient reactions.
Document what you doKeep track of your tests, you won't remember all results!
Keep revisitingWhat worked 12 months ago, may not work today, so challenge your sendouts and keep them fresh!