The implementation of the tracking is realized through Mapp Tag Integration. Tag Integration makes the implementation of the products more comfortable and enables straightforward maintenance and upkeep of the tracking script. For example, in cases basic information in the app has changed, there is no need to update the complete SDK. Furthermore, you can easily monitor your current basic configuration in the Mapp tool for debugging upcoming issues.

All configurations that you make in Tag Integration can be downloaded in the configuration file "webtrekk_config.xml" after you have published your container for your mobile app, see the chapter Downloading the "webtrekk_config.xml"-File. This file has to be made available in your Android module or iOS bundle.

Important Notes

Please note the following information:

  • Please make sure that the parameter "enableRemoteConfiguration" in the XML file is set to TRUE. This is the only way for all other settings and changes made in Tag Integration to take effect.

  • App Version
    Each time you make a change in your container settings and publish it, you create a new version. In general, the highest version number always applies.
    If the same version is available locally in the configuration file as well as in Tag Integration, the remote version will always work.

Please follow these steps for a basic implementation: