The barcode servlet feature is deprecated and has been replaced with Barcode Generator. For more information, contact your account manager.

Mapp offers access to two barcode servlets for an additional fee. The servlets generate one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes.

A barcode can be created from almost any kind of information and included in a message. Barcodes can be used to offer special discounts both online and offline or to direct recipients to specific landing pages.

Engage provides a fully integrated Barcode Generator as part of the Coupon Manager feature (see ​Coupon Manager​ and ​Barcode Generator​).

Creating Barcodes​

Engage uses two different servlets to create barcodes:

  1. A servlet for creating QR Codes.
  2. A servlet for creating other types barcodes.

Barcodes are generated from different data sources.

With a barcode servlet, each individual barcode is generated and stored manually. For this reason, the barcode servlets should only be used to generate a small number of barcodes. The Engage Barcode Generator is recommended for larger campaigns (see ​Barcode Generator​).

Depending on the type of barcode that is created, different links (either links for barcode generation or different image addresses) are added to the message.

Barcode Types and Formats​

Engage supports many different kinds of barcodes. The choice of barcode depends on the type of scanning device that will be used to read the barcode (for example, a cash register) and the characters that are encoded in the barcode (see ​Supported Barcode Types​).

In addition to the choice of barcode type, the format of the barcode (image size, distance between lines, etc) should be tested before sendout. This ensures that the selected type and format can be read by your scanning device. Once the type and format are selected and tested the barcode can be reused for future offers.