Here you find a list of all metrics which are included in the Mapp Engage Dashboards.




The number of accepted messages is calculated as Sent - Bounces and counts the number of messages that were actually delivered. The metric is not visible in dashboards but used for some of the formulas, e.g., CTR.

Active Messages

The number of messages for which activity was measured, e.g. they were opened or clicked. This means that even old messages can be active, if they are still opened or clicked by anyone.

Active Users

The number of users who either opened or clicked a message in the selected time frame (last 28 days by default).

Bounce Rate

Calculated as Bounces / Sent – The bounce rate should be very small.


The number of emails that could not be delivered. Bounces can be broken down into

  • Transient: Indicates issues such as a full inbox or a lack of available disk space.
  • Blocked: Indicates that either the receiving mail server or the recipient refuses to accept delivery of a message (for example, because the sending address appears on a block list).
  • Rejected: Indicates that an address no longer exists, or the email account is not active.
  • Unknown: Indicates that the exact cause of the delivery failure cannot be determined.
ClickersThe number of persons that clicked an Email. If an Email contains ten links and a person clicks all of them the person is still counted as one clicker.
ClicksThe number of actual clicks. If a person clicked ten times, they are counted as ten clicks.
Click FrequencyCalculated as Clicks/Clickers to give you an idea whether an email is clicked several times.
Confirmed Open Rate %Calculated as Openers / Accepted. If an email is sent to eleven persons, bounces for one email address and thus is accepted by 10, and then 1 person opens the email ten times, the open rate is 10%.
Confirmed OpenersThe number of confirmed openers identified by an ID. If an email is opened twice by a user, it is still counted as one opener. However, if two emails with the same ID are sent to the user, both will be counted. 
Confirmed OpensThe number of opens. If an email is opened ten times by a person it counts ten times.
CTOCalculated as Clickers / Openers. If an Email is sent to 10 persons, opened by 1 person ten times and clicked two times the click to open rate is 10%.
CTRClickthrough Rate. Calculated as Clickers / Accepted. If 10 mails are sent and 3 persons click 2 times each, the click rate is 30%.
Mobile Open Rate %The percentage of all confirmed opens on a mobile device (tablet and smart phone).
New Users vs. Existing UsersNew users are users who have not interacted with an email from your account before and have now opened an email from your system for the first time. Existing users are all the other users who have opened already an email from your system. These two metrics give you an insight into user retention and whether you are starting to reach new people.
Open FrequencyCalculated as Confirmed Opens / Confirmed Openers to give you an idea whether an email is opened several times.
SentThe number of emails sent excluding skipped messages, regardless of whether they bounced.

Skipped emails are sorted out before they are send out for a variety of reasons (e.g., the address is deactivated system-wide). Skipped messages never leave the Mapp infrastructure. Some skips only happen in certain types of messages (major, single). Some skips are related to specific channels and only take place if the corresponding channel is activated (SMS, Mobile Push).

  • SYS_OVER_BOOKED: The contact reached the system-wide message limit.
  • SYS_BOUNCED: The address was deactivated system-wide. For example, because the address triggered too many responses. This skip only applies to single messages.
  • USR_OVER_BOOKED: The contact reached his individual message limit. This skip only applies to group messages. 
  • OTHER: There are numerous other reasons which are not as common.
UnsubscribesThe number of users who unsubscribed via a link in an email.
Unsubscribe-to-Open RateCalculated as Unsubscribes / Openers. This gives an indication what percentage of users unsubscribed due to this message.

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