The Automation Scenarios library describes marketing programs you can set up on a whiteboard.

Scenarios combine inspiring marketing ideas with guided setup instructions. They are designed to help you to reach your marketing goals with the tools available in Mapp Engage. Each scenario provides setup instructions. Plus, get tips to take your marketing activities to the next level.

Let's get started! Here are the categories:

  • Profile enrichment & lead scoring

  • Lifecycle marketing (welcome, engagement and follow-up)

  • Special occasions (birthdays and anniversaries)

  • Campaigns (marketing activities with a defined start and end date)

Automation Scenarios for imports, exports and other system tasks are described here: Automation Scenarios for System Tasks​.

Profile Enrichment & Lead Scoring




​Contact Scoring​

Create a contact scoring program. A contact gets points when he opens a message (1 point), clicks a link (2 points) or completes a purchase (3 points).

  • Identify your most and least engaged contacts.

  • Use the score to build selections. Then send campaigns that target contacts with different levels of engagement.

​Profile Enrichment​

Set up an ongoing program that stores open, click, purchase and interest data in contacts' profiles.

  • Build a solid data foundation for personalized, targeted marketing.

  • Use data to build selections and create more focused campaigns.

Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle Stage




Welcome Programs

Welcome Program (Subscribers)​

Create a welcome program that starts when contacts subscribe to your newsletter.

Create a three-step welcome program using a whiteboard template.

  • Automatically respond to every new subscription to your newsletter.

  • Get your customer relationship off to a great start with an enthusiastic, genuine welcome mail and a targeted follow-up.

  • Encourage new subscribers to become purchasing customers.

Welcome Program (Import)​

Create a welcome program that starts when you import contacts from a server.

Engagement & Loyalty

Send Transactional Messages (Automations)​

Identify your most engaged customers. Then deepen your relationship with special offers and other targeted campaigns.

This scenario uses a profile-based automation of the type ​Mapping​.

  • Build brand loyalty by deepening your relationship with enthusiastic customers.

  • VIP customers have demonstrated how much they like your products. Leverage that interest with special campaigns.

Encourage Repeat Purchases​

Encourage existing customers to make another purchase: send a special message 90 days after a contact's last purchase.

  • Encourage existing customers to make another purchase.

  • Reach out to customers who haven't bought anything in a while.

  • Increase sales of items purchased on a regular basis.

Post-Purchase Experience

Send Transactional Messages (Automations)​

Send Transactional Messages (API)​

Send an automated message when a contact completes a conversion.

Use transactional messages to send order confirmations, shipping confirmations, event registration confirmations and more.

  • Respond immediately and automatically to recipient activity on your website or online shop.

Get Post-Event Feedback​

Send an email to request feedback after an event.

  • Invite contacts to provide feedback about an event or conference.

  • Encourage post-event engagement with your brand or company.

Get Post-Purchase Feedback​

Encourage contacts to leave feedback after a purchase.

  • Invite contacts to leave reviews about your products.

  • Encourage post-purchase engagement with your brand or company.

  • Let your customers know that their feedback matters to you.

Special Occasions




Special Occasions

Send Birthday Message​

Send a birthday message to contacts on their birthday.

  • Show customer appreciation.

  • Increase engagement with your brand.

  • Generate additional sales with special offers.

Send Birthday Reminder​

Send a reminder to customers who didn't click the birthday email.

  • Increase the effectiveness of your birthday messages.

  • Set your offer apart from competitors' birthday messages.

  • Generate additional sales with special offers.

Send Anniversary Messages​

Send a one-year anniversary email to your contacts.

  • Express your appreciation for your contacts' loyalty to your brand.

  • Celebrate milestones in your customer relationship.

  • Use the opportunity for cross-selling or sending a special offer.





Holiday Sendout Series​

Send a series of related sendouts before a major holiday.

You will use the same prepared message to send all of the holiday emails.

  • Send a series of related messages using the same prepared message.