Automations are a powerful tool for automating tasks in Mapp Engage. Automations are not just for sending messages. You can automate many tasks for almost every aspect of the Mapp Engage system. Once you activate an automation, it runs without any further manual input.

Mapp Engage offers automations for the following tasks:

  • Send single messages and group messages.
  • Export data (raw data, reports, and statistics).

  • Import address and profile data.

  • Manage groups and memberships.

  • Automate tasks for specific features, such as coupons and related data.

You can also create automations on a Whiteboard. The Whiteboard NEW and Automation features use the many of the same events and jobs. However, the user interfaces are different. Whiteboard NEW has an improved, user-friendly visual interface. This interface makes it easier to combine multiple automations. For more information about Whiteboard NEW, see Whiteboard NEW​.

Information on the older Whiteboard version is provided as a reference for customers who still use the old Whiteboard. This version of the whiteboard will not be supported after 2018.


  • Take advantage of the powerful, flexible automation architecture offered by Mapp Engage.

  • Automate almost any system task with many event-based and time-based automations.

  • Create automations that carry out your precise marketing use cases. Automations are highly flexible and customizable.

  • Connect multiple automations to create automated, multi-step workflows.

  • Activate or deactivate each automation as needed. You have complete control over which automations are running and when.

  • Use automations to react to HTTP requests, API calls, and conversion tracking events. This function allows you to respond immediately and automatically to contact the behavior. Responses include, for example, subscribe, sign-up, online purchase, or profile data change.

Some automations are easy to set up, but for most automations you need a strong grasp of the other Mapp Engage features. For this reason, automations are generally for expert users who are already familiar with Mapp Engage. For some events and jobs, you need to know about concepts such as attribute placeholder values and regular expressions. For other automations, you need to create API calls or connect to an FTP or similar server.

Time-Based and Event-Based Automations​

Time-based and event-based automations execute tasks in your Mapp Engage system.

Time-based automations are scheduled.

Event-based automations are triggered by a system event or contact activity.

Time-Based Automation

Event-Based Automation


Automatically executes a job on a regular schedule.

Automatically executes a job every time a defined event takes place.


Executes according to a defined schedule.

Executes when the event takes place.


A schedule and a job.

Schedule: defines when the automation takes place.

Job: defines the system task that Mapp Engage automatically carries out.

Event: An event can be a Mapp Engage system event (such as a group sendout or data import). An event can also be an action that a contact performs (such as subscribe, open, or click).

Job: A job defines the system task that Mapp Engage automatically carries out.

More Information

Time-Based Automation​

Event-Based Automation​

Available Events


All Available Events​

Available Jobs

All Available Time-Based Jobs​

All Available Event-Based Jobs​

Profile-based Automations

The third tab in the ​Automations​ area contains the profile-based automations. A profile-based automation is an automated modification of contact profiles in Mapp Engage. Profile-based automation uses the value that is stored in one or more source attributes to determine the new value that is written to a target attribute.

There are two types of profile-based automations: mappings and operations.


Time-Based Automations

Event-Based Automations

Profile-Based Automations

Automation Scenarios​

Scenarios combine inspiring marketing ideas with guided setup instructions. They are designed to help you to reach your marketing goals with the tools available in Mapp Engage.

Each scenario provides step-by-step instructions to set it up. Plus, get tips to take your marketing activities to the next level.



Automation Scenarios for Customer Lifecycle Marketing​

  • Profile enrichment & lead scoring

  • Lifecycle marketing (welcome, engage, and follow-up)

  • Special occasions (birthdays and anniversaries)

  • Campaigns (marketing activities with a defined start and end date)

Automation Scenarios for System Tasks​

  • Exports & statistics

  • Group management

  • Mapp Engage system management