An audience is a group of website visitors who exhibit similar behavior, intent, or interest. Acquire collects this information when they visit your website or interact with your placements that are served from external platforms. Once you group your visitors according to a similar interest, you can target them for internet, web, or email campaigns that correspond to that interest.


  • Send lists of website visitors with specific profiles to external platforms to target campaigns.

  • Diversify your reach and your website visitor profiles with little effort and great accuracy.

Custom Audiences​

In Acquire, you can build a custom audience from several sources:

  • First-party data, which Acquire collects from your website

  • Second-party data, which you collect from your creatives, emails, and other placements that are served from external platforms

  • Third-party data, which you obtain from data providers

This breadth of sources enables you to build sets of website visitors with highly specific and diversified profiles. With such finely-tuned audiences, you can choose exactly the right audience to target with individual marketing campaigns for a high success rate.

Lookalike Audiences​

Acquire bases lookalike audiences on your own data collections or custom audiences, but expands them with a sophisticated algorithm to broaden your reach. You can choose from three 'lookalike' degrees:

  • Least resemblance, greatest reach

  • Balanced resemblance, moderate reach

  • Greatest similarity, lowest reach

You can base a lookalike audience on first- or second-party data from one source type only:

  • Pixel

  • Custom event

  • Custom success event

  • External pixel

  • Custom audience

However, you can select multiple items of that source type to fine-tune your lookalike audiences quickly for a high degree of flexibility and nuance. For example, you can base your lookalike audience on several pixels or several custom events.

The extended reach of the lookalike audience occurs when you merge the first- or second-party visitor data with the third-party data you select. Acquire performs a fuzzy match to generate a larger audience than the base group but with a similar profile. This functionality ensures a certain success rate for your campaign and discovers new visitors who you would not otherwise have reached.