To apply inbox monitoring on your Mapp Engage system.

Background Information​

Mapp partners with Validity's Everest platform to enable comprehensive checks of messages before sendout.

  • Aggregated Inbox placement rates across all campaigns

  • Granular inbox placement reports by ISP

  • Access to campaign diagnostics for IP reputation, DKIM, and SPF analysis

  • Time to receive email into the inbox as compared to the send time

Inbox Monitoring Procedures​

Ideally, run your inbox monitoring test with a small list of users who sign off on the creative itself. Do not set inbox monitoring when you are doing your main sendout. Use the inbox monitoring test to diagnose the message to determine if anything can be optimized before you do your actual sendout.

  1. Create a message or open a message for editing. For more information on message creation, see Create an Email Message​.
  2. When your message is ready, click ​Prepare Message​.
  3. Click ​Advanced Options​ at the bottom of the tab.
  4. To enable ​Inbox Monitoring Test​, click ​Yes​. To enable this option, you must select a group.
  5. For information on the number of tests that are used, hover over . A pop-up displays the number of tests that have been used from the total available to you.

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