To anonymize contacts in the system in compliance with data privacy requirements.

Be careful when selecting this function! The ​Anonymize Contact​ function is effective immediately, without a confirmation step. 

  1. In the Main Navigation​, click Audience​ >Administration​.
    ⇒The ​Contact Management​ window opens.
  2. Click ​All Contacts​.
    An overview of all the contacts in your system opens.
  3. To the left of the contact you want to anonymize, click Anonymize Contact​
    ⇒The system displays a message that the user has been anonymized successfully. The system also sends an email confirmation that the Contact ID and email are anonymized.

When you anonymize a contact, you permanently hash the contact with a Secure Hash Algorithm 3. This hashes the address, profile data, and message history for this contact in the entire system. This action cannot be reversed.