Mapp Android SDK can be used to integrate our tracking system into your Android apps. Collect meaningful data about how your users interact with your app, how they view specific pages, and custom events. Tracking data from your app can provide information such as page impressions, events, screen size, operating system, e-commerce tracking, etc. Information points like page impression data or events and conversions are vital for your business optimization.

Our goal has been that developers should be able to set up the system quickly and intuitively. Overall, we have reduced the complexity to the optimal level required to ensure flexibility and scalability with high performance. With the latest version of the Mapp Android SDK, the developer stack includes the following technologies:

  • Mapp Android SDK v5 is built in Kotlin.
  • Coroutines for non-blocking executions are used.
  • WorkManager is used to query and send tracking requests to optimize device battery and app performance.

This documentation guides you through the app setup while providing useful examples and explanatory notes to understand the Android SDK structure better.