To add personalizations to an SMS message.

Personalization adds content to the message that is selected specifically for the recipient. Use personalizations to make the content of your messages more relevant.


SMS messaging is an extra feature of Mapp Engage.

  1. Work with your account manager to register the necessary codes and keywords for SMS messaging. For more information, see ​SMS Code Types​.
  2. Create one or more dedicated groups for SMS sendout. For more information, see ​Create a New Group​.
  3. In the group settings, define the inbound mobile ID, outbound mobile ID, and reply handling. For more information, see ​Define the Inbound Mobile ID​.


  1. In the ​main navigation​, click ​Create​ New > ​Message​ > SMS Message.
  2. Enter message information and click ​Create​.
  3. Compose your SMS message in the input field. The current number of characters in the SMS appears beneath the input field. The ​SMS Message​ area shows you the number of SMS messages that are required for sendout.

  4. Click ​Personalization​. A window opens in which you can search for personalizations on your system or create a personalization.

  5. Drag and drop the desired personalization in the SMS content area. The code of the personalization placeholder displays in the content area. For example, the ​First Name​ personalization has the following format: <%${user['FirstName']}%>.  If the SMS contains personalization placeholders or Mapp Engage Variables, the character count is not accurate. The variable or placeholder is replaced during sendout. Each personalized SMS message has a different final character count.

  6. Expand the ​Advanced Options​ area. In the ​SMS Encoding​ area, specify the encoding Mapp Engage uses for the message and click ​Prepare Sendout​.
  7. Create the desired sendout settings and click ​Check Message​. ​Step 4. Summary opens.

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