To add coupons to an SMS message.


Background Information​

You can only send alphanumeric coupons in an SMS message. You cannot send barcode coupons. SMS messages cannot display barcodes.


  1. In the  ​main navigation​ , click  Create New​ > ​ Message​  > SMS Message.
  2. Enter message information and click Create​.
  3. Enter the SMS text in the input field.
  4. Click Mapp Engage Variables and select  Coupon from the Category drop-down list.
  5. Drag and drop the coupon code that you want into the SMS content area.
    The current number of characters in the SMS appears beneath the input field. If the SMS contains coupon codes, the character count is not accurate. The coupon placeholder is replaced with the coupon code during sendout. The final length of the message depends on the number of characters in the coupon code.

  6. Expand the ​Advanced Options area. In the  ​SMS Encoding​  area, specify the encoding Mapp Engage uses for the message and click Prepare Sendout​.
  7. Create the desired sendout settings and click ​Check Message​.
  8. Click ​Send Message​ or Schedule Message​ to start or schedule a message sendout.