• Create a system user.
  • Create a user group.
  • Create the audiences, pixels, and integration platforms you want the user group to access.
  • Add permissions to the user group.


  1. In the ​Top Navigation​, click  | .
    ⇒  The ​Account​ window opens.

  2. Click ​User Management​.
    ⇒  The ​User Management​ window opens.

  3. Click by the system user you want to add to a user group.
    ⇒  The ​Edit System User​ window opens.

  4. Click the ​Groups​ drop-down list and select the user group that you want to assign the system user to.
    ⇒  The selected entry appears in the ​Groups​ input field.

  5. To save the assignment, click the ​Save Changes​ button.
    ⇒  The ​User Management​ window appears. The new group assignment appears for the user in the ​Groups​ column.