To add a barcode created by the Barcode Generator to a message.

It is very important to test the barcode that Engage generates on the destination scanning device before message sendout. The selected barcode type must support the string of characters to be transformed and have the appropriate resolution and output format for the device on which it is scanned.


  • The Coupon Manager is a billable feature that must be activated for your system. The Barcode Generator is included in the Coupon Manager feature for no additional charge. To activate the Coupon Manager, contact your customer service representative.

  • If applicable, the coupon codes are created by your shop or CRM system as a TXT or CSV file and uploaded to the desired coupon list in Engage (see Import Coupons Into a Coupon List​).

  • If applicable, the barcodes are generated from the desired data source and saved in the Content Store (see Create New Barcode (window)​).

  • Permission 172: View and edit all barcodes, 170: View and edit own barcodes or 171: View all barcodes.

Only barcodes which the user has permission to view are visible in the ​Barcodes Overview​ window. A barcode must be visible to add it to a message.

For this reason, the user must have at least permission 171: View all barcodes.

Background Information​

The Barcode Generator automatically creates barcodes from a coupon list, custom attribute, or data that is manually inputted on the user interface (see Create a New Barcode​).

If the barcodes are generated from a coupon list, the Coupon Manager controls the sendout and tracking of the barcode coupons to message recipients (see ​Send Coupon as a Barcode​).

Barcodes generated from a coupon list or custom attribute are added to a message with an Engage Variable.

To add a barcode that is stored as a Content Store Element to a message, see Use a Content Store Element in an Email​.


Add a barcode to a message

  1. Create a new message or edit an existing message in the ​Compose Message​ window (see Email Messaging​).
    The message can be created in any message type (email, SMS, fax) or format (HTML, text).
  2. In the ​Compose Message​ window, click the ​Engage Variables​ button.
    ⇒ The ​Engage Variables​ slider opens.
  3. In the ​Category​ drop-down list, select ​Barcodes​ .
    ⇒ All available barcodes display.
  4. Click the  symbol next to the desired barcode. Keep the mouse button pressed down and drag the ​Engage Variable​ into the message editor.
  5. Release the mouse button to insert a placeholder into the message where the barcode is displayed.
  6. Preview the barcode placement and prepare the message for sendout (see Email Message Preview (window)​ and ​Configuration for Sendout​.
  7. Send the message.
    ⇒ The selected barcode is inserted during message sendout.

For text email, SMS and fax messages, a URL link to the barcode image is inserted in the message, not a barcode image.