What is Mapp Academy?

Mapp Academy is Mapp’s e-learning platform!

Learn more about Mapp Empower on your own time, and in a more personalized way. Our courses include text, animations, videos, and quizzes.  You can even earn certificates to display your skills!

How can I sign up?

You can sign up at  academy.mapp.com.

Which content is available?

It includes the following courses:

CourseWhat you will learn
  • What Empower is used for.
  • How to navigate the system.
Static Segments & Subscribers
  • The purpose of static segments.
  • How to create custom fields
  • How to create a static segment.
  • How to add subscribers into a static segment.
  • Where to use the static segments within the system.
Dynamic Segments
  • The purpose of dynamic segments.
  • How to create a dynamic segment.
  • How to add subscribers into a static segment using dynamic criteria in a search.
  • Where to use the dynamic segments within the system.
Unified Segmentation
  • What is Unified Segmentation?
  • How to create a static segment using Unified Segmentation.
  • How to create a dynamic segment using Unified Segmentation.
  • What actions are available in Unified Segmentation.
  • The purpose of custom fields.
  • How to create custom fields.
  • How to upload images.
  • How to create visual templates.
  • The difference between single and recurring messages.
  • How to create messages.
  • How to create a custom Welcome message.
  • How to create different Welcome messages based on subscriber trigger field value.
  • How to create a custom footer.
  • The different types of standard reports available.
  • How to run and view Inbox Rendering and Inbox Monitoring reports.
  • How to create custom reports.
Certification Test
  • Become a certified Mapp Empower Basic user!
  • 30-minute test
  • 25 questions to answer
  • 75% passing score

We are working on additional courses. Stay tuned.

Where do I find the Empower courses?

In Mapp Academy, click on Courses > Learning paths.

If you are using Unified Segmentation in Empower, select Mapp Empower Unified - Certification - Basic Level. Otherwise, select Mapp Empower - Certification - Basic Level