What is Mapp Academy?

Mapp Academy is Mapp’s e-learning platform!

Learn more about Mapp Engage on your own time, and in a more personalized way. Our courses include text, animations, videos, and quizzes.  You can even earn certificates to display your skills!

How can I sign up?

You can sign up at academy.mapp.com.

Which content is available?

The content is divided into learning paths.

Basic Learning Path

Basic includes everything you need to know to work with Mapp Engage.

CourseWhat you will learn
  • What is Mapp Engage used for?
  • How do I navigate through the Mapp Engage platform?
Groups & Contacts
  • How do I create a group?
  • How can I add contacts to the group?
  • What is a contact profile and what types of attributes can be included?
Email Content Management
  • How are images uploaded to Content Store?
  • How do I create engaging, relevant emails using personalization and dynamic content?
  • How do I test my email sendouts?
SMS & Mobile Push
  • How do I create and send SMS messages?
  • How do I create and send engaging Mobile Push Notifications?
  • How do I create and send In-App Messages
  • How do I use Segmentation  Builder to create simple and complex segments?
  • How do I use containers for AND/OR logic?
  • How do I use segments in my campaigns?
  • How do I create event-based whiteboards?
  • How do I create scheduled whiteboards?
  • How do I create recurring whiteboards?
  • How do I use the features of all whiteboards to send contacts on different journeys?
  • How can I view the deliverability and recipient activity for Emails?
  • How can I download contact data for recipients?
  • How can I view delivery statistics for SMS?
  • What statistics are available in the Campaign Dashboard?
Certification Test
  • Become a certified Mapp Engage Basic user!
  • 35-minute test
  • 30 questions to answer
  • 75% passing score

Advanced Learning Path

The advanced Learning Path includes the following courses:

CourseWhat you will learn
System Administration
  • What options are available in Administration?
  • How are users and permissions set up?
  • How can I administer attributes?
  • What kind of reports and exports can I generate?
Coupons & Barcodes
  • What is the difference between a coupon and a barcode?
  • How are coupons and barcodes created?
  • How are they assigned to contact emails?
Personalization Rules
  • What are personalization rules used for?
  • How are personalization rules created?
  • How can I use functions in personalization rules?
Related Data
  • What is related data?
  • What would it be used for?
  • How do I create a dataset?
  • How do I add data to a dataset?
  • How can I create segments based on related data?
SMS Configuration
  • Is the setup for Email and SMS different?
  • What is the setup for SMS?
  • What whiteboards are needed for SMS?
Certification Test
  • become a certified Mapp Engage Advanced user!
  • 30 minutes test
  • 25 questions to answer
  • 75% passing score

Where do I find the Engage courses?

In Mapp Academy, click on Courses > Learning paths.