What is Mapp Academy?

Mapp Academy is Mapp’s e-learning platform!

Learn more about Mapp Intelligence on your own time, and in a more personalized way. Our courses include text, animations, videos, and quizzes.  You can even earn certificates to display your skills!

How can I sign up?

You can sign up at academy.mapp.com.

Which content is available?

We offer a basic learning path and advanced courses.

Basic Learning Path

Basic includes everything you need to know to work with Mapp Intelligence.

CourseWhat you will learn
A Brief Introduction to Web Analytics
  • What is web analytics, and what are its uses?
  • What is the most common approach to collecting web analytics data?
Using the Frontend: Basics
  • How do I navigate through the Mapp Intelligence interface?
  • What's the difference between reports and analyses in Mapp Intelligence?
  • How do I create and edit analyses?
Basic Metrics and KPIs
  • Why is it important to know about Basic Metrics?
  • What are KPIs and why are they important?
  • For which purposes do I use reports in Mapp Intelligence?
  • How do I create, edit, share, and export a report?
  • Which elements can I add to reports and what's their purpose?
Basic Analyses
  • With the help of which analyses can you answer essential questions?
  • Where are the analyses located?
  • Which metrics are often used?
Certification Test
  • Become a certified Mapp Intelligence basic user!
  • 30-minute test
  • 15 questions to answer
  • 70% passing score

Advanced Courses

The following advanced courses are available:

CourseWhat you will learn
  • What is a process?
  • How do I interpret the process analysis?
  • How do I configure a process?
Campaign Analyses
  • What are campaigns?
  • Which campaign analyses are often used?
  • What is a customer journey?
  • Which attribution models are available?
Overview of Integration Phases
  • What are the typical phases you need to run through to integrate Mapp Intelligence?
Technical Onboarding
  • What can be tracked in Mapp Intelligence?
  • Which categories and parameters are available?
  • Which general approaches for tracking data does Mapp Intelligence offer?
  • How can I set up the tracking for websites?
Reviewing Browser-based Tracking Data
  • How do I review which data is sent to Mapp Intelligence by using the Mapp Cloud Debugger Plugin?
  • How do I specifically check product data and data for custom parameters?

Where do I find the Intelligence courses?

In Mapp Academy, click on Courses.