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In this video, discover a marketing strategy to boost email click rates by dynamically showcasing content.

All the steps we mention in the video are listed below.

As a prerequisite, you must create the custom attribute "Loyalty_Points". See Angepasstes Attribut erstellen.

StepNavigation pathDescription
1Audience > Segmentation > Personalization
  • Create a personalization rule, "Next Loyalty Level," using the graphical editor
  • Add the conditions for contacts with Bronze status:
    • Attribute: Loyalty_Points
    • Operator: less than
    • Value: 1000
  • Click Structure to add the content for contacts with Bronze status.
  • Use InsertElse to add further conditions for contacts with other loyalty statuses.
  • Use Default Block to add content for contacts without a defined loyalty status.
  • Click Save and then Keep Editing to view the personalization rule code.

For more information, see Personalisierungsregel erstellen.

2Content > Email > Email Messages
  • Locate where the content should appear in the email message
  • Add the accompanying content
    • text
    • a personalization using the "FirstName" attribute
  • Use the search bar to find the personalization rule, "Next Loyalty Level", created in step 1

For more information, see Insert a personalization.