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Watch the following video to learn how to increase revenue through personalized website overlay using referrers.

Below is a table containing the steps mentioned in the video for an easy follow-up.

Here are the steps that are mentioned in the video above.

StepNavigation pathDescription
1Intelligence > Reports
  • Create a new report
  • Add Referrer URLs analysis with metric Order Value and use filter "First occurrence Referrer equal yes"

More information on report creation in Mapp Academy or the training chapter

2Marketing > Target Groups > Real-time Behaviours

Create a Real-time Behaviour based on new trigger:

  • context Visit
  • Referrer equals [Referrer name]
3Marketing > Contents > Layers

Create a new layer:

  • add layer URL
4Marketing > Placements > Overlay

Create a new overlay placement:

  • restrict URL to cart page
5Marketing > Campaigns

Create a new campaign:

  • select Target Group > All Users and
    Target Group > [Real-time Behaviour] (step 2)
  • select Content > [Layer] (step 3)
  • select Frequency Caps > Per user session; add "1"
  • select Placements > [Overlay Placement] (step 4)

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