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This video demonstrates how to effectively reconnect with visitors who leave your website and turn them into valuable customers.

All the steps we mention in the video are listed below.

StepNavigation pathDescription
1Segment Manager > Create new segment
  1. Name the new segment "All users except subscribers"
  2. Apply the filter:
    1. Dimension "User - Email Receiver Id"
    2. Operator "not equal"
    3. Value "*"

For more information, see Getting Started: Mapp Intelligence Segment Manager.

2Marketing > Create a new campaign

Basic settings

  1. Name the campaign "Exit intent".
  2. Set the start date.

Target Group

  1. Import the segment "All users except subscribers"
  2. Configure the Real-time Behavior:
    1. Create a new Real-time Behavior called "Exit intent"
    2. Under Define a new trigger, select the context "Page" and:
      1. Real-time Behavior: "Exit intent movement"
      2. Operator: equals
      3. Value: Yes


  1. Select the content type Layer, then select Create new Layer with the name "Exit intent"
  2. Add the URL "www.demo.net/public/m/exitintent"

Frequency Caps

  1. Set Per user session to 1


  1. Create a new overlay placement called "Exit intent"

Activate the campaign.

For more information, see Marketing Automation - Bedienoberfläche.