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  • fromDate and toDate are to be provided as Strings and in ISO 8601 format.​

  • toDate must be after fromDate.

  • fromDate and toDate are mandatory.

  • the timeframe between fromDate and toDate cannot be more than 3 years.

  • the format can have "csv" as values (case insensitive)

  • the destination can be either:

    • "CONTENT_STORE" - mandatory to use the notificationuser parameter then.

    • a valid credential store entry of any of the following types: FTP account, REST endpoint, Amazon S3 endpoint, Google Cloud Storage endpoint

  • notificationuser can only be a valid email address of an existing system user to be used ONLY when destination parameter = CONTENT_STORE.


  • fromDate or toDate contains invalid data or are null. ERROR Message: "Please enter a valid date in ISO-8601 for fromDate and toDate"

  • request cannot reach the Engage API server to retrieve results. ERROR Message: "The request has failed. Please get in touch with your Account Representative and quote [API error code]."

  • format parameter contains something other than "csv". ERROR Message "Please enter "csv" for the format parameter."

  • destination:

    • Invalid email. ERROR Message: "Please enter the email address of an existing Mapp Engage system user."

    • Invalid Credential Store Entry (when parsing request, FTP URL connection is tested).

    • Invalid Credential Store ID: ERROR Message: "Please enter a valid credential store entry ID of FTP Account type."

    • Invalid FTP Credentials. ERROR Message: "Please ensure the FTP credentials is valid."

    • Insufficient FTP permissions to write file to. ERROR Message: "Please ensure the FTP location is open for Mapp Engage to send the export file."

    • Invalid destination URL. ERROR Message: "Please ensure the destination path URL is valid."

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