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Sends a previously prepared message as a transactional message including transaction details such as purchase confirmation.

User can iterate through the list of items using <%ForEach%> expression to access the individual item.

User can specify any number of attributes aka ${transaction_details} and access them using expression language.

It is strongly recommended to use the same structure for each item.

 Example HTML

<%ForEach var="product" items="${transaction_details}" max="10"%>


 Example body
       {"name" : "Parameter Name 1","value" : "Parameter Value 1"},
       {"name" : "Parameter Name 2","value": "Parameter Value 2"}
  "attachments": [
      "name": "twitter_logo.png",
      "contentType": "image/png",
      "content": "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"
                {"name":"productName","value":"Chair C1"},
                {"name":"brandName", "value":"aaa aaa"}
                {"name":"productName","value":"Sofa S1"},
                {"name":"brandName", "value":"bbb bbb"}

               {"name":"productName","value":"Bed B1"},
                {"name":"brandName", "value":"cccc cccc"}

 Successful response
HTTP 204


Var value refers to a single object inside the list of itemDetails, the name can by anything, in this case, it’s the product.

Items value refers to eventDetails which is a placeholder for the list of items we want to show.
Max value is a limit of items to be displayed.
If you have max=”50” but your JSON has less items, all of them will be displayed.
In the case of JSON with a number greater than the limit, the first 50 items will be shown and the rest will be ignored.
Inside ForEach, user can access itemDetails property using an array index with the name of the property user wants to access.
Available from

Request path

POST [REST URL]/message/sendTransactionalWithEventDetails

Query Parameters

recipientIdLongID of the user
messageIdLongID of the message or prepared message
externalTransactionFormulaStringExternal transactional identifier

Note that all query parameters are case-sensitive. Take a look at an example below:
- not "eventdetails" but "eventDetails"
- not "itemdetails " but "itemDetails"

Request Body Type

TransactionalMessageContent additionalContent
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