If you select a dynamic time interval you expect to get the data in relation to today. For example, if you chose "Last 7 days" you should get data of the 7 days before today. But sometimes you will get data of a different time interval.

The reason is that the dynamic time interval depends on the day on which an account has received data the last time. If, for example, the most recent data is from 3 days ago then this day is regarded as "today". The dynamic time interval then relates to that day.

The problem can happen for new accounts or test accounts that have little data. To avoid this problem there are two possibilities.

  • Send Pixel requests manually or per cronjob in order to have data in your account each day. The composition of such requests is described in the Pixel documentation (NoScript Pixel).
  • Mapp can configure your account to receive so-called "ping" requests several times a day. For the activation of this function please feel free to contact our service team.