The teaser tracking allows detailed tracking of onsite marketing campaigns, such as teasers, banners, and recommendations.

In doing so, the teaser measurement is done separately from the campaign tracking: Thus, it doesn't influence the attribution of other ad media and is not included in customer journeys.

The teaser tracking is available as a plugin for Mapp Tag Integration.

For each teaser views and clicks can be tracked, so that a CTR (click-through rate) can be calculated. It is also taken into account, whether the teaser has been in the visible area or not.

Conversion and engagement

The goal achievement can be analyzed for each teaser. Several events can be used as a basis for this:

  • View: Viewed teasers are taken into account for the goal achievement.
  • Click: Clicked teasers are taken into account for the goal achievement.
  • Product: Allows the evaluation of recommendations. Only teasers are taken into account for the goal achievement, that have been clicked and the teaser name matches the product name.

This configuration is done on the website.

In Mapp Tag Integration it is configured, whether the first, the last, or all teasers are taken into account.

Furthermore, the engagement of the users can be tracked. For each page access, that follows a teaser click, its engagement value is increased by 1. This is done until a new teaser is clicked, a website goal is achieved, or the user finished his visit.

Further technical information can be found here.