Mapp Intelligence supports the UTF-8 standard.

  • A maximum of 255 characters can be entered per parameter.
  • A request may not be larger than 7KB.
  • Input is case-sensitive.

If you are using the NoScript segment of the pixel:

  • all parameters in the "<noscript>" segment must be set according to UTF-8 and URL code standards. For example, the German "ΓΌ" as "%C3%BC". This will ensure the proper transmission of all special characters and applies to all websites regardless of coding (UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, etc.).

Certain characters are automatically filtered out during tracking:

  • 0x00-0x1f
  • '
  • "
  • <>\
  • 0xA0 => space
  • Several spaces become one.
  • Trailing and ending spaces are removed.