Campaign tracking in Webtrends works mainly on the basis of the page URLs of your landing pages. You can use normal URLs without further parameters or append the parameter WT.mc_id for easier differentiation. This also has the advantage that there is no need for multiple landing pages for different campaigns.

In Mapp Intelligence, campaigns are likewise recorded via media codes. If you want to compare the data for a particular media code, make sure that you have created both campaigns equally and that no further calls are made in Webtrends using campaign clicks collected by landing pages.

However, campaign reports in Webtrends can only be created based on the parameter and not on the landing pages. By default, the last campaign is considered the conversion trigger.

When comparing, therefore, you should also pay attention to the attribution used. You can find out more about campaign capture in Mapp Intelligence in the training chapter Campaign Configuration.

Source: Tracking campaign success in Analytics 10