The levels/categories for the campaign structure can be created and named in the campaign configuration. For each level, there is one dimension with the name of the level and one named [Campaign Category] in Customer Journey.

The difference is that in one case the analysis is based on the corresponding touchpoint, in the other on the complete customer journey, in which advertising media belonging to the channel were involved. There are also additional customer journey metrics for this purpose.

An exemplary Customer Journey:

leads to the following results based on the dimensions "Channel" and "Channel in Customer Journey":

The last contact in the Customer Journey is the channel Newsletter. In the analysis based on the dimension channel, the conversion value is displayed only for the newsletter channel, since last click is configured as the default attribute in the example account. For the other two contacts, the same value is displayed for the metric Conversion Value Supported. In the "Channel in the Customer Journey" analysis, the conversion value is displayed for all contact points involved.