In this case, check the following points:

Operating Errors

  1. Is the calendar period set correctly? Different settings between the analysis and report should also be checked.
  2. Are the filters set correctly? Errors in filtering lead to incorrect results.
  3. Are the right dimensions and metrics used? Make sure that the analysis components are the desired ones. Depending on the setup, similar or identical names may be used for different dimensions. This may be the case if you name your own parameter or content group as a standard dimension in Mapp Intelligence.
  4. Is the control for the quick calculation set to 100%? The calculations are by default performed on 20% of the data, so the result displayed may differ slightly from the actual result. Still, this makes faster analyses possible.
  5. Are the required user rights available? For example, if only certain pages are displayed, this could be due to a user filter. Such a user filter can be set individually and lets each analysis of the user run through a specific filter. This prevents the user from seeing what is happening on the thank you page, for example. In the User Management (menu item: Filter) you can check if a filter is applied to a user.
  6. Is the correct account selected?

Error during data collection

  1. Was a request sent and are the desired parameters included? Only if the data is sent to Mapp Intelligence, the frontend can show it. Here you can find out how to review the data collection.
  2. Are the requirements for correct data collection met? If, for example, certain campaigns are missing, the marketing configuration should be checked if automatic tracking has been set up.
  3. Can a limit cause the problem or has a limit been reached? For example, if the limit of active campaigns is reached, new ad media are not measured and are missing from the analysis. Mapp will inform you directly about reached limits and discuss the next steps with you.
  4. Is the data sent to the wrong account?
  5. Is a filter (IP filter, blacklist/whitelist, domain) set for the account? For example, if your EverID does not appear in the tool, it is often blocked due to a filter. The absence of certain pages may also be related to a domain filter in the system configuration (menu item: Data Collection).