This FAQ describes the most frequently asked differences between Mapp Intelligence and Google Analytics.

1. Conversionrate / Ecommerce Conversion-Rate

The Conversion Rate % in Mapp Intelligence shows the percentage of how many orders a user places per day. The formula for the conversion rate is "Qty Orders" (scope visit) / "Visitors, Daily Unique" * 100. There is also the Conversion Rate % ([Best Depth of Engagement]) showing how many percent of all visits have reached the primary website target (stored as Best Depth of Engagement). The formula is "Visits best depth of engagement" / "Visits" * 100.

Google Analytics distinguishes between Ecommerce Conversion Rate and Conversion Rate AdWords. Ecommerce Conversion Rate shows how many visits an ecommerce transaction occurred. The formula is Conversions / Visits * 100. The Conversion Rate Ads is calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the total number of ad clicks that can be assigned to a conversion in the same time period. The formula is Conversions / Clicks * 100.

You can find a more detailed version here.

Reference Conversion Rate %

Reference Google: Ecommerce Conversion-Rate

Reference Google: Conversion-Rate Ads

2. Order Value/Revenue

Mapp Intelligence includes the metric Order Value representing the monetary value of the order. The value can be different from the metric Value Purchased Products if the Order Value includes shipping costs, discounts etc.

In Google Analytics, there is the metric Revenue. This value can include shipping costs, taxes, and other corrections to the total revenue, which you may want to include in your revenue calculations. Therefore, it is important to closely monitor which values are compared.

Reference Order Value

Reference Value Purchased Products 

Reference Google: Revenue


3. New Visit Rate % / % New Sessions

The New Visit Rate % in Mapp Intelligence shows the number of new and unknown visits as a percentage of all the visits to the site. The calculation is New Visits + Unknown Visits / Visits * 100. The calculation is based on a cookie. If the user deletes these cookies, he/she cannot be recognized as a returning visitor. The New Visitor Rate (Campaigns) % shows the percentage of new visitors who came to the site via a campaign in relation to all visitors who came to the site via a campaign. The calculation is "Visitors" Filter: "New vs. Returning" = New; "Campaign Clicks" > 0 / "Visitors" Filter: "Campaign Clicks" > 0 .

In Google Analytics, % New Sessions is described as an "estimate of the percentage of first sessions". A distinction is made between new and returning users. How to deal with unknown users is not explained. If a user visited a website with a tracking code, Google Analytics generates a randomly generated ID that is linked to the cookie in the user's browser. Each ID is considered to be an individual user. By default, however, Google Analytics does not recognize a user who uses different devices. So differences may result from user registration in Mapp Intelligence.

Reference New Visit Rate %

Reference Google: % New Sessions

4. Bounce rate

In Mapp Intelligence, Bounces are the number of visits in which only a single website was called, thus page impressions = 1. The metric Bounce rate % in Mapp Intelligence shows how many percents of the entries did not call another page in the visit. The formula for Bouncerate % is Bounces / Entries * 100.

In Google Analytics, a Bounce is calculated as a session in which only a single request is made to the Analytics-server. Depending on the setup, further interaction can also be an event and not a second page call. The formula for the Bounce Rate % is Bounce / Session* 100. The difference to Mapp Intelligence is that the Bounce Rate % refers to sessions/visits, and not to entries as with Mapp Intelligence.

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Reference Bounce Rate %

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5. Qty Orders / Transactions

The number of orders in Mapp Intelligence indicates how many orders were recorded.

In Google Analytics, this metric is called Transactions and depend on the analysis, since only orders that refer to this dimension may be displayed (channel, advertising media, Adwords Conversions etc.).

Reference Qty Orders

Reference Google: Transactions

6. Visits / Sessions

Both Mapp Intelligence and Google Analytics use a session timeout of 30 minutes, i.e. if the user is not active on the website for more than 30 minutes (no page impression, click, etc.), the user will be counted as a new visitor. In Mapp Intelligence this time span can also be adjusted individually.

In addition, Google Analytics automatically generates a new visit when another external entry occurs, regardless of whether the last access was less than 30 minutes ago. This means that in Mapp Intelligence several campaigns can be measured for one visit, whereas in Google Analytics a new session is opened directly as soon as another campaign is measured. This is expected to lead to higher traffic in Google Analytics.

Reference Visits

Reference Google: Sessions

7. Visitors / Users

Mapp Intelligence and Google Analytics recognize visitors based on cookies and - if activated - the login information.

Reference Visitors

Reference Google: Users