Today we have released a new pixel version with which you can optimize your tracking. The new pixel version 5.0.9 and 4.4.5 contains the following feature and changes:

  • Request Queue
  • Not supported parameters removed

Request Queue

Please note that the function is deactivated by default.

The "Request Queue" feature ensures the sequence of the tracking requests in every situation. This gives you the following advantages:

Offline tracking

If this function is activated, all requests are processed 100% in the order in which they were sent. This means that no requests can be lost, even if users go offline (offline tracking). This also applies to the Progressive Web App (PWA) or Single Page Application (SPA).

Page unload

If you have implemented several tracking functions on a single page, for example, form tracking, heatmap tracking, and link tracking, the request queue ensures that all requests created here are sent on the subsequent page when the user leaves the page. Formerly, the browser dropped these requests.

Server-side cookies

Another advantage is the sequential processing of requests from unknown users when you set cookies on the server side. With the new ITP2.1 update, Safari browsers from version 12.1 will not store cookies for longer than seven days. After this period, a returning visitor receives a new EID and is counted as a new visitor. You can avoid this by using server-side cookies. With the Request Queue functionality, Webtrekk can guarantee an unambiguous assignment of the visitor IDs so that the use of server-side cookies does not lead to an unexpected increase in new/ unknown visitors. The request queue ensures that requests are not sent simultaneously and that too many EIDs are generated for a new/ unknown visitor.

Please note the Best Practice for ITP 2.1. While earlier versions of ITP only blocked third-party cookies, ITP 2.1 will now also block first-party cookies. The storage period for first-party cookies is limited to seven days. To still get high quality data with ITP 2.1, please follow the steps described in the "How to Solution" which Webtrekk make available to you.

Not supported parameters removed

The previous pixel version contains many parameters that are actually not in use. As part of the code cleanup we have removed the following parameters that are no longer supported:

  • eor
  • tz
  • ps
  • fvc
  • lvc
  • tmc
  • tmcv
  • tmct
  • cet
  • cst
  • X-WT-TS
  • X-WT-STT
  • ctx
  • csid

Furthermore, only parameters that differ from the default value are sent. This affects the following parameters:

  • fns=0
  • one=0
  • mca=c
  • mut=0
  • vol=0
  • bw=0