We are officially releasing our Android SDK v5 out of beta and into the wild. During the beta phase we detected some hick-ups that we solved in the meantime and also gave the code a nice clean polish along the way.

Additional Tracking Function

In the first version out of beta, we also introduce a new function: @trackPageDetail. With the annotation function it is now possible to add custom page parameters when autotrack is enabled, without creating multiple page requests.

    contextName = "page name",
    trackingParams = [TrackParams(paramKey = Param.PARAM_NAME, paramVal = "param value")]
class className {

If you leave "contextName" empty, the SDK will take the name of the activity by default.

Changes to Existing Features

  • In the configuration, the default logger state is now set to "NONE".
  • For trackCustomPage() and trackCustomEvent(), adding additional parameters is now optional.

The Android SDK v5 is open source and available in GitHub. An example app to test the available functionality is available when you download the code and run the implemented test app in your IDE (e.g. Android Studio).