The Path Analysis is now available for your Webtrekk Analytics account. With this feature, you can visualize your customers' behavior flow as well as conversion paths (customer journeys).

Key Benefits

  • Understand on which page your visitors start (landing page) and to which pages they navigate.

  • Gain deep insights into specific content, such as what content was consumed and in what order.

  • Find out if there are typical "reading paths" and which content has the highest exit rates.

Webtrekk Path Analysis enables paths for each dimension that can have multiple values in a user session or lifetime. These include, for example, pages, content groups, products, and actions. You can also use the path view to gain interesting insights into the use of forms, the use of different devices, or campaigns (channels) before an order (customer journey).

The path analysis can be configured individually, allowing you to restrict the path to the elements, segments, or device classes relevant to you, for example, individual pages in the ordering process.

To open the Path Analysis view, click the new [Path] button. Your confirmation will then perform the calculation.

Example: Path Analysis View