The Webtrekk Dashboard as a central overview of your data gets a useful extension with this release: You can embed Google documents via iFrames in a dynamic box using embed code and thus display them within the Dashboard. Direct integration of external documents or data is usually beneficial if you are in constant contact with external communication partners who do not have access to your Webtrekk account. For example, you can include relevant documents from the agency responsible for your website in your Dashboard to keep track of the latest logs and news. This information, combined with Webtrekk Analytics, can give you insight into specific trends in website traffic, for example.

Example: Webtrekk Dashboard with embedded Google document

The iFrames are embedded in the edit mode of the report element "Dynamic Box." As a source code, enter the iFrame source code of the desired Google document. By defining the height and width of the element, you can configure the size of the iFrame to suit your needs.

Example iFrame Source Code
<div><iframe src="<EXAMPLE FILE>" width="100%" height="1080px">