VTEX is an eCommerce platform for enterprises. It supports both public users, as well as logged-in users that have a profile. Mapp has created an Engage plugin for VTEX. You can feed data from your VTEX store into Mapp Engage, and use it for personalized communication with your audiences via email, SMS, and In-App. Here are some of the things you can do thanks to this integration:

  • Import transaction, user (contact), and product data from VTEX using API

  • Manage your user database:

    • add contacts who registered in your online store, or subscribed to your newsletter (you can have multiple types of contacts)

    • update their profile and order information

    • remove those who unsubscribed

  • Keep transactional data updated and send notifications about abandoned carts, purchase orders, payments, etc.

  • Use the related data to send personalized Email messages.

Note that Mapp also has a compatible Mapp Intelligence plugin for VTEX. For more information see VTEX for Mapp Intelligence.

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