The "Years" analysis shows the Page Impressions for each year.

The following dimension and metric are shown in this analysis:




Page Impressions

Often the dimensions "Quarters" and "Months" are added to obtain a more meaningful analysis.

List view

In the "List" view, the analysis is sorted by years for default.

Reading example

  • Page Impressions: 2.391.808 Page Impressions were performed 2017. 

Comparison view

In the "Comparison" view time periods and segments can be compared.

Reading example for comparison of time periods

  • A: 18.242.387 Page Impressions were performed in 2018.
  • B: 28.594.013 Page Impressions were performed in 2017.
  • C: In 2018, there were 36.20% less Page Impressions than in 2017. This is a drop of 10.351.626 Page Impressions.