The "months" analysis shows the page impressions for each month.

The following dimensions and metrics are available in this analysis (click on the link to get further information):



Page Impressions

List view

In the List view, the analysis is sorted for months by default.

Reading example

  • Page Impressions: 1.399.089 Page Impressions were performed in January 2019.

Comparison view

In the comparison view time periods and segments can be compared.

Reading example for comparison of time periods

  • A: 1,399,089 Page Impressions were there in December 2018.
  • B: 2,828,461 Page Impressions were there in Dezember 2017.
  • C: In January 2018 there were 50.54 % less Page Impressions than in January 2017. This is a drop of 1.429.372 Page Impressions.