The Days analysis shows the Page Impressions for each calendar day.

This analysis differs from the Traffic analysis (Visitors > Traffic) by the metrics that are shown by default.

The following dimensions and metric are shown by default in the analysis (click on the links for detailed information):




Page Impressions

List view

In the "List" view, the analysis is by default sorted by days.

Reading example:

  • Page Impressions: 55,025 pages were viewed on 2018-11-19.

Comparison view

In the "Comparison" view, date ranges or segments can be compared on daily basis.

Reading example for comparison of date ranges:

  • A: 55.025 pages were viewed on 2018-11-19.
  • B: 39.638 pages were viewed on 2018-11-05.
  • C: On 2018-11-19 there were 38.82% more Page Impressions than on 2018-11-05.